6 Common Types of Promotional Paperweights You Can Find

Many people think that paperweights are no longer used as we have become less dependent on papers due to computers. However, it is not true. The popularity of paperweights has not diminished.

We often have to use our notebook to write things down. Also, some people find it comfortable to write, rather than type.

Many companies use paperweights as promotional items. At the end of the year, they often give it to the people they work with as a gift or gesture of appreciation. It can also boost their brand image.

There are many types of promotional paperweights available in the market. Here are some common ones.

Oval paperweights

It is the most standard paperweight design. It looks very simple yet stylish. You can keep in on your work desk or as a decorative piece in your living room. Your logo will be highlighted, and people will remember your brand.

Glass paperweights

If you are looking for something affordable, then you can pick glass paperweights for your promotional purpose. These are available in different sizes and colours. You can display your company’s logo here.

Crystal paperweights

Crystal paperweights are expensive compared to glass ones. But they look amazing when light passes through. When the crystal sparkle, you will see multiple colours. These are great to keep on the desk and will surely grab anyone’s attention. You can print or engrave your company logo on the paperweights.

Magnifying paperweights

These are very simple paperweights that are transparent. You can use it as a magnifying glass. So, if you are someone who has vision difficulty, you can use this paperweight as a magnifying glass to read your documents or any small print.

Clock paperweights

A clock is a very useful item and keeping track of time is important. You can find clock paperweights to keep on your table. This will not only keep your papers organized but also give you the time.

Pen holder paperweights

This is a very common type of paperweight. The paperweight can be made of glass with a sleep pen holder on one corner. So, you can use it to prevent your papers from flying away and also keep your pen in a secure place so that you don’t have to look around for it.

You can buy paperweights as a promotional item to give to your suppliers, customers, or others linked to your business. It is a great way of displaying your company logo and impressing people.